Comcast Inquire

Location - A1

A supercharged chat assistant to help with the sales and marketing of Comcast products.

Comcast Inquire is a fully automated chat agent designed for both support and sales interactions. It leverages the advanced capabilities of GPT-4 to provide informed and efficient service. The agent has access to an extensive database of over 50 support articles, enabling it to address a wide range of queries with accuracy. Moreover, Comcast Inquire features seamless conversation continuity across devices, allowing users to pick up the chat from any device without losing context. This sophisticated chatbot is fully aware of its functionalities and roles, ensuring a responsive and user-friendly experience. It's built entirely on Next.js, utilizes Clerk for authentication, stores user data on Redis which is hosted on Railway, and is stylized with TailwindCSS.

Next.js, Clerk Authentication, Redis, Railway, GPT-4, and TailwindCSS.


Sai Rangineeni - Pranav Ramesh (submitter) -

Selected Prizes

  • Use Open AI create Chat Bot assistant to support customers and employees with Comcast products. Winners will receive a trip to the Comcast Innovation Center along with lunch, tour and meeting with Comcast executives