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Hey there! Are you tired of wrestling with the Drexel master schedule? Or Perhaps are you an academic advisor constantly fielding questions about scheduling? The current Drexel course schedule is difficult to navigate! Finding the right classes can be a frustrating and time-consuming process. Drexel Scheduler is here to help! We revamped the current information to be searchable and our web app utilizes AI to make scheduling a breeze. Search for any class with ease, get personalized elective recommendations based on your interests, and ask our AI anything about the term schedule in natural language. You also have the ability to visualize your prerequisites through our visualization system. Drexel Scheduler - Taking the stress out of course selection!

Drexel Scheduler goes beyond simply finding classes. It empowers students to take control of their academic journey. Efficiency & Time Saving: Imagine all the time students spend wrestling with the current schedule. Drexel Scheduler saves that time, allowing students to dedicate more energy to studying, working part-time jobs, or participating in extracurricular activities. This is especially valuable for students who juggle multiple responsibilities. Reduced Stress & Improved Well-being: The frustration of navigating a complex schedule can be a significant source of stress for students. Drexel Scheduler removes that obstacle, promoting a more positive and focused academic experience. Lower stress levels can contribute to overall well-being and mental health, which in turn, impacts academic success. Increased Course Satisfaction & Improved Grades: Finding classes that align with your interests and schedule leads to a more fulfilling academic experience. Drexel Scheduler's personalized recommendations and efficient search can help students find courses they'll enjoy, potentially leading to better grades and a higher graduation rate. Indirect Benefit for Underprivileged Communities: While Drexel Scheduler doesn't directly address social inequalities, it can have a positive ripple effect. When students from underprivileged backgrounds succeed in college, they increase their earning potential and are better prepared to contribute to their communities. This can ultimately lead to a cycle of breaking poverty and improving social mobility. But how does Drexel Scheduler achieve its magic? It's all thanks to the power of AI! We utilize a combination of cutting-edge technologies: Web Scraping: Imagine Drexel Scheduler as a super-powered copy-paste function. It automatically collects information from the existing course schedule website and reformats it for easy searching. Chat Completions API: understand and generate natural language using GPT-3.5 Turbo model by OpenAI to analyze and match elective courses to user’s preferences. GPT 3.5-Turbo is cost and time efficient: using approximately $0.01 every 10 request & average 3 seconds to respond. LangChain: LangChain is an open-source framework used to develop applications using Large Language Models (LLMs). We use LangChain to create an Agent with SQL tools that interacts with a SQLite database. Agent is a language model that makes a sequence of actions. It uses the LLM as a reasoning engine to determine what tools to use and in what order. We use the agent to take in natural language and to determine what the user wants to query. Then it makes the query and uses the result to provide a natural language response. Natural Language Processing (NLP): This field of AI helps computers understand human language. When you interact with Drexel Scheduler, NLP enables the AI assistants to understand your interests for elective recommendations and translate your natural language questions into a format the computer can understand. Plus! Our AI is highly accurate as it does not make or up hallucinate any data because For our AI Scheduler Assistant & Elective Suggestion Natural Language Understand (NLU) & Natural Language Generation (NLG) were used to interpret prompts and generate text that is coherent, contextually relevant, and informative based on the input it received. Search Engine Technology: This powerful technology operates behind the scenes, allowing you to search for specific classes or keywords with lightning speed. It's like having a built-in search engine dedicated to Drexel courses.

Tailwind, Flask, SQLite, D3, Datatables, OpenAI, LangChain, Python, CSS, HTML, JavaScript


Sylvie Daines, Celine Pham, Justyn Rosinski, Ilsa Tran, Sid Tuladhar

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