Touch Grass

Location - A4

Meet friends at events. Powered by AI (Awkward Introverts)

We love bringing people together! Touch Grass is a cross-platform app that leverages AI for social good to help facilitate connections between people we think vibe together. We do this by giving users the freedom to select activities that interest them. With everyone's preferences being sent to the backend, our AI matches people it thinks are a good fit, then invites the user to no more than one activity per day so as not to overwhelm. This brings people together, which is where the magic happens! The name was Naron's idea.

We built the frontend in React Native, and used Supabase, PostgreSQL, PostGIS and Edge Functions with Typescript and Deno for our backend, as well as Python, Juptyer Notebooks and good old JavaScript


Vishnu Menon <>, Naron Chen <>, Ramsha Perwez <>, Chaitanya Shashi Kumar <>, Siwu Li <>, Eric Riese <>

Selected Prizes

  • Leveraging any Comcast Product or Service use AI to support for the common good the aging at home population. Winners will receive a trip to the Comcast Innovation Center along with lunch, tour and meeting with Comcast executives

  • Your project must represent principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and/or belonging